With a new year brings new trends, however today we are talking about wedding traditions. When planning a wedding, many couples consider the traditions and customary experiences that go hand in hand with wedding ceremonies and receptions.

With time, weddings are changing and for many modern couples the classic matrimony customs are not on their ‘to do’ list or running schedule.

From wearing a colourful wedding dress to featuring a mobile drinks bar cart, we are sharing our top ten picks of new traditions that will not only put an exciting twist on the big day, but will also allow couple to reflect their own unique vibe.


Colour is the New White

White is stunning, however there are other options. More brides have decided to ditch the traditional white gown and veil and replace it with a little more colour, and we love it. Some alternative shades include champagne, blush, nude, metallic and many more. Not only does this allow the bride’s personality to really shine, it will also wow guests!


Stay Unplugged

Let’s be honest, no couple wants their professional wedding photos to be filled with their guest’s cell phones raised in the air instead of seeing their guests happy faces. Many couples are now practicing “unplugged” weddings. By doing this, not only will there be better professional photos, but the guest’s will enjoy being in the moment. 


We All Scream For Ice Cream

Worried about the summer heat on your wedding day? Cool guests down with a sweet and delicious treat. Hire an ice cream cart to pop up after your ceremony, or even late in the night and allow your guests to really chill out. Did we mentioned the kids and adults alike will love it!


Pre-Ceremony Photos

We all adore wedding photos, however perhaps there is an alternative time to capture the portrait and bridal party portraits to ensure your guests aren’t left for hours during the best part of the day. Consider having a ‘first look’ and also capturing images together prior to the ceremony. This allows the couple to spend some real time with their family and friends, some of whom they may have not seen for years.


Did Someone Say Happy Hour?

A mobile bar to kick start the ceremony or reception will delight guests, and what is better than a fresh and tasty cocktail to celebrate a special occasion? Couples can bring the party to life early on by setting up mobile bar carts, champagne carts or pop up bars to get the drinks flowing. Tasting bars such as a whisky bar or gin bar are also a huge hit with guests, and a great alternative for those not quite ready to hit the dance floor.


Mixed Gender Wedding Party

Is one of bride’s best friends a male? Is the groom’s best friend a female? Include them in the wedding party! More and more couples are having mixed gender bridal parties to keep those who are closest next to them on their big day – and it only makes sense.


Smile For the Camera

Nothing captures a memory like a picture, and why not take them all night long. Setting up a mobile photobooth is such a fun and interactive way for guests to leave lasting wedding memories in style. Guest’s will not only get photos to keep, but they will also have a blast making them.


Toss the Bouquet Toss

Many times, unattached friends can be hesitant to participate in the bouquet toss, are we right ladies? Once option is to ditch this wedding game all together (leaving more time for awesome dance moves). An alternative idea is to gift the bouquet to a very special someone as a personal thank you.


Keep it Bright

Light up the night with a cutomised neon sign, yes it is possible! These have been a hit in modern weddings and will make the night one to remember. Customised signs with fun quotes or couple’s names will bring the wedding to life and can be a great decoration in the new couple’s home following the wedding. You also now have the coolest house decoration for life.


Snack Time

Guests work up quite the appetite after a big day of mingling and dancing. Send your guests home with a tasty treat by arranging an easy and delicious midnight snack or food cart, or even a gift they can take home or eat in their hotel.


There will always be wedding traditional staples that never go our of fashion, however, knowing you have so many options, and not feeling like you have to follow a script is important when creating a wedding day that you love and enjoy.

Contact us today for any wedding tips and tricks that will help make your night unforgettable. If you are looking for a cocktail cart, pop up bar and unforgettable bar service experience, we are here to help!


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