Forget your star sign, what coffee you order each morning says a whole lot more about you than whether you’re a Virgo or a Libra. You already know that we’re passionate about serving up good coffee all over Brisbane with our pop-up coffee cart and that we’ve managed to track down Brisbane’s master roasters.

So we’ve decided to try our hand at some deep and meaningful insights into what your morning cup of joe say about you based on the lovely humans we’ve chatted to across Queensland’s South-East.


Flat White

You’re a realist, coffee is for fuel, not fun. Practical and focused, you want your coffee to help you be ready for anything the day throws at you. You appreciate the little things in life, despite your schedule being chock-a-block. Although you put most of your energy into kicking goals, you can still lighten up and have a good laugh.




Like your Flat White counterpart, you’re a go-getter. However, you’re a little more laid back and you're always up for a good chat. You care about your latte art just as much as you care about how it tastes – look good, feel good, right? As a social butterfly, a latte is the perfect coffee for catching up over Sunday brunch.



You’re a sweetheart. You’re in touch with your sensitive side, detail-oriented and love to make people feel good about themselves. Underneath your sweet surface, though, you pack a punch as the life of the party. The taste of coffee isn’t your favourite, but you love the pick-me-up.



Long Black

You are the epitome of a no-nonsense person, a natural-born leader, an early riser and you are not one to shy away from a challenge. You love ticking things off your to-do list and are definitely a Type A. Armed with a long black, you are invincible, and nobody can stop you from powering through your day.




Espresso drinkers don’t have time to spare. You work hard, play hard and you need to be buzzing the whole day long. Espresso is coffee in its purest form; and with a schedule like yours, there isn’t time for froth or syrups. You know what you want and how to get it. But if you’re an espresso drinker you have to be the real deal – the illusion is shattered if you call it an expresso.


Drip Filter

You describe coffee as “an experience.” As a coffee purist, you know that quality is more important than quantity. If your brew isn't perfect, then why even bother? There’s a good chance you’re an entrepreneur and you’re considering moving to Melbourne next year.



Iced Coffee

You’re effortlessly put-together and oh-so-easy to get along with. Iced coffee drinkers always have the perfect thing to say, or maybe advice just sounds better coming from someone who’s twirling ice around their glass. You’re a trendsetter and if your friends had to describe you in one word, it would be “chill.”

If you’re still ordering an iced coffee in winter, though, you’re definitely not one to be messed with!



Your free trial of being an adult expired recently and you’re wondering how to cancel your subscription. You’re also acutely aware that ordering a hot chocolate from the office coffee run will gain more than a few side glances from your manager so you’ve tried to play it safe and only go half way.

If you’re looking for a decent caffeinated brew at your next corporate or social event, get in touch with us! Our mobile cart can pop-up anywhere at any time to add a little buzz (both visual and caffeine related) to your function!