Firstly, let's clarify what BYO or BYOB is? There are a few fun variations out there, one being ‘Bring Your Own Booze’ or ‘Bring Your Own Bottle’. Essentially, it means you get to provide all the drinks to your own party - and we are here to tell you why this is the only way to go!

At any wedding or event, there are hundreds of planning elements and things to think about, however, for guests, most of the time they are thinking about two things; the food and the drinks.

As one of the most important aspects to any good celebration, and one of the largest costs, we have put together some of the benefits of selecting to BYO for your next bash.

1. It's better for your back pocket. Alcohol can be one of the largest costs associated with events, and being able to BYO can significantly help reduce your budget spend. Think about it this way, if you have full control over the purchasing, you won't be paying the double, sometimes triple margins. Why pay a hotel or venue $9 a beer, when you can buy it for $2.00. 

2. Craft a menu you love. You have full control over the type and number of drinks, beers, bubbles and wine on the menu. Want wine from a particular region - done! Only drink pale ale beer - easy! The choice is all yours.


3. Love to go local. Having the opportunity to source your own wines, beers and spirits from local breweries and distilleries brings so much more heart to the entire experience, and tastes a whole lot better! Even being able to provide fresh garnishes, mint or strawberries from your local market makes the day more special.  

4. Create your own home brew (bucket list!). Been talking about making your home brew - for years? Now is the time, and better yet, now you can share your creation with your guests. There is nothing better then hearing an origin story over the bar, it really is the difference between a drink, and an experience.

5. Signature cocktails. Instead of choosing a cocktail from a standard beverage list (and paying way too much), this is your chance to create a unique signature cocktail that reflects the occasion. 

6. Exploring new drinks. As much as we all love a classic XXXX or Corona, there are 1000's of drinks out there, no doubt, more suited to your event, your guests, your style and and your menu. Let the taste-testing begin.


Photography: Soda Wedding Photography

7. Controlling the crowd. When it is BYO – you are the boss! You get to decide what time you start service, when the cocktails are available, when spirits hit the menu, and when you want to announce last drinks. This may not seem like a big deal, but it means you have much more control of the flow of the event, and their alcohol intake.

8. Showcase your collection. Has the groom been collecting whisky, prime for a late night tipple? Do your parents have a special wine collection they are donating to the celebration? When it's BYO, everyone can contribute.


Photography Stewart Ross

9. The return. The best part is, lots of providers such as Dan Murphies will return any unopened wine bottles and cartons, so you don't have to worry about buying too much, or being left over with a full cold room.


There are so many benefits to planning a BYO event or wedding, from money factors to creating an unforgettable experience for guests.

Here at Gathering Events, we are here to make sure your ‘BYO’ experience is done the right way, by looking after the full bar management. Our clients provide the drinks, and we look after the bar, bar tenders, glassware, ice and all equipment.

A drink is not just a drinks, it’s an experience.