+ What can the bars be hired for?

Our bars have been built to suit a myriad of different purposes and events.

They are the perfect mobile bars for weddings, birthday parties, corporate events and business launches. They are also ideal for businesses looking to create a unique and engaging marketing experience or activation.

It can be used to sell products at festivals or showcase wares at markets. Our mobile caravan can also be dry-hired.

+ What is provided with the bar hire packages?

When booking our mobile bars, they are inclusive of two RSA qualified bartenders, glassware, a fridge, eskies, ice and all associated bar equipment. You don’t have to think about a thing!

+ What happens when we have more than 100 guests?

This is no problem – the more the merrier! In this situation, we recommend an additional bar tender, to ensure the event space is clear, drinks are stocked, and guests are hydrated.

+ How do we determine the quantity of cocktails needed?

To make sure everything is perfect, we are available to help you with bar menu planning and purchasing to help establish your alcohol requirements.

+ How much do the drinks cost?

It is difficult to estimate cost of ingredients at this stage. Costs can depend upon cocktails chosen, quailty of ingredients and number of drinks to be served. Closer to the event we can help with quantities needed for chosen cocktails so purchasing can be as accurate and efficient as possible.

+ Do you offer spirit service?

With spirit service, we can 100% offer this for your celebration. We generally recommend spirit service for a period of 2-3 hours, generally later in the evening after food service. If however you were looking to offer spirits for the for the entire duration of your event, we would reccomend a third bartender as this alters service, and will ensure the bar is stocked and running smoothly, the floor is clear and guests are always refreshed.

+ Do we need a cold room?

Cold rooms are highly suggested as this would allow the drinks to be chilled prior to the morning of your event. Our team arrives on site 2 hours prior to the bar opening, and we require all drinks to be chilled at this time so we can set up and get to stocking the bar. We do also provide ice (normally about 10-15 bags), to use through service within the bars.

+ What are the caravan dimensions?

Our caravan is 2.2 meters wide, 2.5 meters high and 4.2 meters long (including the trailer).

+ What are the bar cart dimensions?

Our bar cart is 1 meter wide and 1800mm long.

+ What are the pop-up bar dimensions?

Our pop-up bar is 600mm wide and 1800mm long.

+ Do the bars sell alcohol?

No, we do not sell alcohol. All alcohol and beverages are to be provided by the event organiser, venue, catering company or third party supplier. All of our events operate on a BYO basis.

+ Where is Gathering Events based, and you travel?

We are based in Brisbane, and absolutely love to travel. We can road trip through regional Queensland to popular locations such as Ipswich, Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Maleny, Sunshine Coast, Western Downs, Noosa, and even Northern NSW.

+ Are there travel fees involved?

For events based in Brisbane (central CBD) there is a $45.00 fee, each way. For each hour of additional travel, or part thereof, this will be $80.00 per hour.

+ What drinks can you serve?

We serve bottled beer and cider, wine, champagne, soft-drinks, water, cocktails, tea and coffee. We can also help you with your menu development, and determining the perfect amount to have available.

+ Do you offer food?

Absolutely! We offer a selection of breakfast items, mains and sweet treats. All food is served out of our food carts and is prepared on site of your event.

+ Do you offer coffee?

Yes! We have professional baristas who serve fresh gound espresso, iced lattes, hot cocolate and tea. Coffee is served out of our coffee carts and is available for custom branding!

+ Where can we host a party?

We can pop-up anywhere, anytime. However, for bookings in a venue other than a private property, clients are responsible for providing confirmations and permission. View our Venues page, to see a range of space we love.

+ Do you offer dry bar hire services?

Our caravan bar, pop-up bars and bar carts are all available for hire for corporate events, activation parties and marketing purposes. Unfortunally, we do not dry hire our bars for weddings or private functions.

+ We already have a bar, can we still hire you for bar services?

That is no problem at all. It is a common occurrence for venues to already have a bar structure but we assume you will still require glassware and bar equipment as well as RSA bar staff. As you do not require our bar we can remove $100+GST from our pop-up bar packages. All other items such as bartenders, glassware, ice for service, set-up and equipment remain the same.

+ What equipment do we need to provide for the caravan bar?

Gathering Events caravan bar require two key things from the event host upon arrival on site.

  1. Access to power (if not, we do have a generator we can bring along with us at an additional $200.00)

  2. Access to the chilled beverages on arrival

+ How do we book – and how do I lock in my date?

This is easy! You can call (0417 622 174 ) or email (jen@gatheringevents.com.au) us at any time. We will talk through your event, send you a quote, and you can then lock it in. Please note, a 50% deposit is required to secure your booking.

+ Are there any cancellation fees?

In the regrettable circumstances that a host cancels a booking, please note that booking deposits are non-refundable. Our caravan and bar terms and conditions are available upon quoting.

+ The venue we have booked, already has a bar, can you provide the bar service and bartenders, without a bar?

Yes we can! In this situation we can provide a custom quote, providing only the services and items you require. We have bartenders, wait staff and cocktail bar tenders available for hire.

+ Do we have public liability insurance?