So, you’re thinking about going BYO for your Big Day - we don’t just mean wedding; we’re talking 21st birthday party, 35th wedding anniversary, work Christmas party, Aunty Sheryl’s cat’s birthday… you get the idea. But now your scratching your head trying to work out what booze to buy for your next event and what you should be putting on the menu that will make your function shine.

We’re here to help; you already know that we love BYOhow to throw a good party and that our bar team are experienced cocktail making veterans. We’ve selected a few of our favourite cocktails to keep the drinks simple, tasty and sure to please even your cousin Joe, who used to work in a bar and believes that no-one makes a better fruit tingle than he does.

Firstly, round up the basics; beer, wine (white and red) and some bubbles. If you’re hosting an event in Spring or Summer or somewhere outdoors, consider putting an apple cider or a rosé on the menu too.


Now with the cocktails, we’ve kept it simple and tried to use similar base spirits in each of them to keep your costs down. We’ve gone one better and broken our recommendations down by season or venue location.



These cocktails are perfect for any outdoor event, Spring soirée or warmer weather party:

1.     Passionfruit Mojito

Everyone loves a good Mojito, they’re fresh, simple and super refreshing. We’d recommend adding some fresh passionfruit pulp to the mix to take it up a level and add a fruitier twist.

2.     Hibiscus Gin Sour

Sex and the City made the Cosmo the drink of the 90’s and we were all about the pink hues. Fast forward two decades and meet the Cosmo’s more stylish niece, the Hibiscus Gin Sour! We’re big fans of these pretty little cocktails and we know your guests will be too.

3.     Tiki Cocktail

Now these cocktails are fresh, fruity and fun! Think grapefruit juice, white rum, lime and a dash of cherry bitters - pretty much a tropical holiday in a glass! Did someone mention Hawaiian themed Christmas do? Toss us a lei and we’ll see you there!

4.     Pineapple Lychee Martini

These are literally as juicy (and delicious) as they sound! Served in a Martini glass you'll have all your guests introducing themselves by their surname.

5.     Moscow Mule

As soon as we hear the word Moscow, we think sub-zero temps and vodka... You've got the vodka bit right, but this cocktail is a zesty summertime classic with a side bite of ginger.



Try these five cocktails for an evening wedding, Autumn engagement party or Winter work event:

1.     Bramble

Even the name conjures up visions of a misty morning in the English countryside. This cocktail is the perfect answer for those who love anything fruity in the warmer months.

2.     Espresso Martini

Our list wouldn’t have any legitimacy if we didn’t include this tried and tested party favourite! The Espresso Martini is an instant crowd pleaser and combines two of our favourite things, coffee + spirits.

3.     Old Fashioned

This classic can be made on whiskey, bourbon or rum (we’d recommend the whiskey variety). It’s one of those drinks that oozes sophistication and knowledge of a good spirit – the key to this one is it’s all in the glassware.

4.     Manhattan

This is one of those "I know my drinks" drinks, again this drink can be made on whiskey or bourbon. So, if you're looking to pair up your alcohols to keep the cost down for your BYO event we'd suggest popping both the Old Fashioned + Manhattan on the list.

5.     Amaretto Sour

Sweet and tart, the Amaretto Sour is one of our personal favourites - partly because the maraschino cherries instantly transport us to Christmas and mostly because they're damn-well delicious!


Now that you’re in the know of what you need to do to impress your guests with your signature drink, pass the booze on over to us and let us help you turn the drink making into an experience your guests will be sure to rave about!